• Support Personal Accident Insurance

Support Personal Accident Insurance

Thanks to the Support Personal Accident Insurance, you are protected against all sorts of accidents including traffic accident, downfall, torsio, tick and insect sting, burning that may happen at anywhere including at home, worksite or while you are travelling.

Accidental Death Benefit is the indemnity to be paid to the stakeholder or, if there is no stakeholders, to the legal beneficiaries indicated in the policy as a result of the death of the insured because of an accident covered within the policy or within 1 year as of the date of accident.

Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit is the indemnity to be paid to himself/herself of the insured under the ration of disability specified in the general conditions of the Personal Accident Insurance as a result of the permanent disability of the insured aTs immediate or within 2 years as of the date of accident in consequence of an accident covered under the policy coverage.

Accidental Medical Expenses Benefit covers the doctor, medicine, radiography and other treatment expenses made for treatment within the scope of the policy coverage limits in case the insured is injured in consequence of an accident.

Accidental Medical Expenses Benefit provides the facility of treatment without any limitation of hospital in case of any physical injury that may happen in consequence of an accident as distinct from health insurance.

If you transmit to the Katılım Emeklilik the invoice to be received after treatment is concluded, the whole of treatment expenses is paid to the customer as soon as possible within the limit specified in the policy without deducting any participation fee.

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